სასტუმროს მიმღები რეგისტრატორი

ID 63455

Citadines City Centre Tbilisi Apart`hotel is announcing an opening for the position of "Receptionist.

We are looking for the receptionist who will be able to work full time basis for mainly day shifts (12 hr shifts) mainly 2 shifts in 4 days.

Key Responsibilities:

** Welcomes customers (in person, by telephone, email) during their stay. Informs them about how the residence works and tourist activities in the neighborhood. Answers customers` questions and deals with their complaints and/or passes them on to the line manager
** Performs check-in and check-out
** Able to take bookings and ensures special requests are met (extra beds, access for disabled people, etc.).
** Informs other departments of everything needed by the Front Office and deals with their requests directly or co-ordinates actions to be implemented in response.
** Performs and monitors book-keeping and payments for services
** Controls the till (start and end of shift, placing in the safe etc.) and the balances of customers and sends reminders when necessary
** Perform controls and correction of mistakes.
** Takes responsibility for any other accounting or administrative tasks which may be assigned


** University degree (preferable in Hospitality or in Business)
** Relevant work experience in hospitality industry for at least 1 year
** Good knowledge of languages: Georgian, English, Russian
** Knowledge of Ms Office programs as well as hotel management programs.

Interpersonal skills

** Ensures that his/her appearance and behavior show himself/herself and the company in the best light
** Is fully involved and constantly professional; wants to develop
** Cares about the quality of the service and customer satisfaction

Candidates should submit their CV in English language at: [email protected]

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მიმღები რეგისტრატორი

ID 63450

Fabrika Hostel is looking for a suitable candidate for the position of Front Office Receptionist.

Title: Front Office Receptionist
Department: Front Office
Reports to: Front Office Supervisor/Front Office Manager

Position scope:

Hostel receptionists are responsible for making guests feel welcome, dealing with room bookings and cancellations, check-in and check-outs, and handling general requests made by guests during their stay.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

** Work experience as a receptionist is considered as a plus
** Fluent English, Russian and any additional languages considered as a plus
** Professional speech and behavior
** Patient listening
** Rich general knowledge
** Sense of humor
** Complying with administrative principles and views
** Respectful and helpful towards colleagues
** Attentive enough to control several tasks simultaneously
** Clean and positive appearance
** Representative capabilities
** Attentive to details


** Execute departmental tasks within the framework of orders given by the supervisor
** Greeting the customer, registration procedures and room allocation
** Providing rooms to guests with prior reservations, in accordance with their preferences
** Accurately entering guest arrivals into the computer
** Registering all information filled out by the guests on the registration cards into the computer
** Reviewing the arrival list every morning one last time for room allocation and special notes
** Checking customer key return on the departure list and places a tick on the list
** Reviewing the departure list and maintaining communication with the Front Cashier, thereby preventing customers from leaving without paying
** Checking the departure list every morning for any notes
** Ensuring proper record keeping of vacant, ready for sale, and blocked rooms and their arrangement in the room rack
** Comparing the room rack with the list of occupied rooms from the computer
** Maintaining constant rack arrangement of arrival and departure rooms, reserved rooms, empty, clean, dirty, ready for sale, and blocked rooms
** Enabling proper room changes and sending room change forms to the housekeeping department
** Maintaining check of empty room`s keys
** Filing all front office reports properly
** Memorizing all prices of the hostel and its facilities (room, food, TV, safe, sauna, etc.)
** Informing guests about all hostel services, and trying to sell these services
** Checking whether cash and credit cards have been properly processed
** Taking necessary measures not to permit customer to leave without paying
** Attempting to resolve all guest complaints and problems
** Possessing knowledge on cultural and art events, entertainment and excursion possibilities, having documents ready at the desk
** Revenue Management and arranging Bell-boy services
** Daily audit (Revenue Management) of departments


** Hostel`s Fire, Health and Safety Procedures.

Deadline for accepting applications is December 11th;

only qualified candidates will be contacted. Please send your resume on: [email protected] Please indicate the position title in subject line, otherwise your application will not be considered.

Given Job Description may be subject to change and clarifications.

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გარდერობის თანამშრომელი

ID 63387

სასტუმრო "სტამბა" აცხადებს ვაკანსიას გარდერობის თანამშრომლის პოზიციაზე.

საჭირო უნარები:

** პასუხისმგებლობის გრძნობა;
** კარგი ორგანიზაციული უნარი;
** კარგი საკომუნიკაციო უნარები;
** დეტალებზე ორიენტირებულობა;
** ენერგიულობა;
** გუნდურად მუშაობის უნარი.

ძირითადი მოვალეობები:

** გარდერობის წესრიგსა და სისუფთავეზე ზრუნვა;
** სტუმრების თავაზიანი მიღება;
** სტუმრების ნივთების განსაზღვრულ ადგილას განთავსება, შესაბამისი ნომრების გაცემა;
** შესაბამისი ნომრის მიხედვით სტუმრების ნივთების უვნებლად გაცემა;
** გარდერობში არსებული ნივთების უსაფრთხოებაზე ზრუნვა;
** იყოს მეგობრული, კომუნიკაბელური და დადებითად განწყობილი თანამშრომლებისა და კლიენტების მიმართ;
** არ უნდა აგვიანებდეს სამსახურში და ეცვას კაზინო "ავიატორის" სტანდარტების შესაბამისად.

დაინტერესებულ პირებს გთხოვთ, გამოაგზავნოთ თქვენი რეზიუმე 8 დეკემბრამდე, შემდეგ ელექტრონულ მისამართზე: [email protected] და სათაურის ველში მიუთითოთ პოზიციის დასახელება.

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ID 63386

Stamba Hotel is looking for a suitable candidate for the position of Hostess.

Department: Food and Beverage Department
Reports to: Restaurant Supervisor/F&B Department Support/F&B Service Manager

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

** Work experience in related field is considered as a plus;
** Education in Food and Beverage field is considered as a plus;
** Fluent English and Russian are required, any additional languages considered as a plus;
** Sound knowledge of Food and Beverage products;
** Ability to work in teams;
** Excellent communication skills;
** Attentive enough to control several tasks simultaneously;
** Clean and positive appearance;
** Attentive to details.


** Greet incoming and departing Guests warmly with a genuine smile and eye contact;
** Escort Guests to assigned dining area;
** Use visual cues to seat Guests in either the bar or dining area depending on their preference;
** Manage the flow of Guests into the Dining and Bar areas, provide accurate wait times to incoming Guests if appropriate;
** In case of complaints, inform Restaurant/Bar Supervisor. Rectify wrong doing and any guest demands;
** Always have a positive expression with the smile.

General: Observe the Hotel`s Fire, Health and Safety procedures.

Please send your resume on: [email protected] no later than December 8, 2019. Please indicate the position title in subject line, otherwise your application will not be considered.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Given Job Description may be subject to change and clarifications.

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800 ლარი


ID 63345

სასტუმრო "თბილოტელი" აცხადებს ვაკანსიას ადმინისტრატორის პოზიციაზე.

აუცილებელი მოთხოვნები:

** მინიმუმ 1 წლის სამუშაო გამოცდილება,
** ენები: ქართული, რუსული, ინგლისური.
** ასაკი: 25 წლიდან 40 წლამდე.

სამუშაო განრიგი: ყოველი მე-3 დღე (24 საათი).
ხელფასი: ხელზე ასაღები 800 ლარი.

მისამართი: ვიტალი დარასელიას #8 (ყოფილი გაგარინის პირველი შესახვევი, გაგარინის მოედანთან)
მობილური: +995 599 212509
დაინტერესებულმა პირებმა გამოაგზავნეთ CV შემდეგ ელექტრონულ მისამართზე: [email protected]

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