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უფასოდ: ადგილზე მიტანის სერვისი 


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LTV5 is consist by host, probe, external battery, hand type keyboard. The host is only 140g ought is the lightest ultrasound scanner in the world.

Product Features:
-Small portable, easy to carry,..
-Hand type keyboard, facilitate single hand operation;
-Concise function, simple to operation;
-Clear image, can be used to judgment pregnant, measuring fat;
-With probe frequency conversion function, adapted to different inspection demand;
-Battery can change easy, and for power dissipation is small so battery working time long;
-Large capacity SD card for store image (optional);
-With pseudo color display function;
-Screen with a visor, better for work under sun.

-Scanning system: sector sweep;
-Probe frequency: 3.5MHz/5MHz probe and can variable frequency;
-Scanning depth: ≥180mm, 70mm/110mm/130mm/150mm/192mm adjustable;
-Screen: 3.5 inches;
-Display mode: B
-Image gray scale: 256 level
-Pseudo color: 8 type 
-Image store: 512 frame(by SD card)
-Measure: distance;
-Input power: dc 5V (by external battery input)
-Power consumption: 7W (probe run) /2.5W (probe stop)
-Battery work time: 10 hours
-Size: 92mm * 73mm * 42mm
-Weight: host 140g, probe 150g, battery 140g

-Standard Configuration:
-Main Host  1 Unit 
-3.5MHz/5.0MHz Mechanical Sector Selectable  1 Pcs
-Hand type keyboard  1 Pcs
-External Battery and charger 1 Set
-Arm bag (use for put battery and probe)  1 Pcs
-Pocket (use for put host, gel, razor)  1 Pcs(optional)
-SD Store Card   1 Pcs

Probe Connector:1

 გთხოვთ დამიკავშირდეთ ვიბერით