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Holiday inn Tbilisi is looking for a suitable candidate for the position of Security Guard.

Department: Security Department
Reports to: Security Supervisor/Shift Leader

Position scope:

Hotel security guards protect the hotel premises against theft, fire, vandalism and trespassers. They also protect the guests of the hotel and property inside the hotel, including hotel valuables and cash. Hotel security guards usually patrol on foot, both inside and outside the hotel, looking for suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior.

Experience, skills and abilities:

- Work experience in Governmental Structure in the related field is considered as a plus;
- Good level of English, additional languages considered as a plus;
- Excellent communication skills;
- Strong physical and commanding skills;
- Attentive enough to control several tasks simultaneously;
- Clean and positive appearance;
- Representative capabilities;
- Attentive to details.


- Protect the hotel and the guests, employees and property within it;
- Patrolling the grounds and premises of the hotel, or monitoring the hotel via security cameras;
- Keeping a log book of anything unusual or problematic that happen;
- Dealing with incidents as and when required;
- Deliver shift reports to shift supervisor;
- Respond to all security concerns from visitors and company personnel and immediately report to shift supervisor;
- Be prepared to work in different shifts if required.

General: Hotel`s Fire, Health and Safety Procedures.

Please send your resume on: [email protected] and indicate the position title in subject line, otherwise your application will not be considered.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Given Job Description may be subject to change and clarifications.