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IREX is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world by empowering youth, cultivating leaders, strengthening institutions, and extending access to quality education and information. Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of over $90 million, offices in 20 countries, and a global staff of 400. We work in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Position: Technical Data/Information Specialist, USAID Georgia Information Integrity Program

IREX seeks qualified Technical Data/Information Specialist candidates for the USAID-funded Information Integrity Program in Georgia. The program will enhance Georgian efforts to advance the integrity of the information space and build societal resilience in the face of disinformation and propaganda campaigns. This effort will seek to build upon existing efforts in the country to enhance coordination among different actors addressing these issues and to strengthen the capacities to provide more data-driven and impactful approaches.

Only Georgian citizens or expatriates with residency status and Georgian work authorization will be considered. This position is contingent on funding.


** Provide technical expertise regarding misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda, based on a deep understanding of how the online space is being utilized for information operations
** Spearhead the development of innovative new tools to track and measure disinformation, including within alternative media ecosystems, and to proactively address the next generation of challenges in this space
** Monitor, test, and customize tools/trends in the disinformation space for possible project adoption or scale up
** Coordinate relationships with technology or data partners for the project
** Manage and monitor and adjust the program to ensure high quality program deliverables and results are met
** Support program partners` capacity development in sociotechnical systems design, data forensics, information access and data literacy and computational mixed-methods approaches
** Perform other duties, as assigned

Skills and experience:

** Georgian citizenship or residency with work authorization
** Advanced degree in journalism, digital media, or related field
** Demonstrated subject matter expertise in misinformation, disinformation and propaganda as well as computational, mixed-method approaches, etc.
** In-depth knowledge of information access, data literacy and information flow in sociotechnical systems
** Deep understanding of how the online space is being used to spread disinformation for information operations
** Knowledgeable about the dynamics of social media platforms, the challenges and developments in the regulation of these platforms, and the emergence of the next generation of challenges in this space
** At least four (4) years of experience on donor-funded programs
** Familiarity with the key stakeholders working on media issues and an understanding of the dynamics and relationships among them
** Excellent ability to communicate effectively on the technical aspects of implementation with a wide variety of stakeholders
** Effective oral and written communication skills
** Fluent English language skills

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